Auditions FAQs

Q: I do not have a strong musical background. I’ve never sung in a chorus before. Should I still audition?

A: YES! Vox has a wide variety of member ability ranging from people who have not sung in 40 years to people who sing for a living.

Q: How often does Vox rehearse?

A: We rehearse once a week, usually Tuesday but some Thursdays instead, from 7:00-8:30pm, with sectional and other special rehearsals as needed.

Q: Are there financial obligations associated with membership?

A: Dues are mandatory for every member and go towards (a) Director and Accompanist salaries;  both positions are now paid positions, (b) purchases of new music, (c) recordings and (d) Appreciation Honorariums to Yates Baptist Church for providing the rehearsal and performance space to Vox for free.

Dues are $50 per semester or $100 per year.  Vox Members are also required to purchase a purple Vox Performance Shirt which is at cost to you, somewhere in the $25 range per member.  The Board voted not to provide dues “scholarships” from our Treasury.  However, members have sponsored other members by paying a member’s dues in the past or paid twice as much for their dues to anonymously help members who have financial hardships.  If you think you’ll have a problem paying the $100 dues amount, please contact the Board President, Tom Link to discuss your situation and develop a plan for dues payment.

Payment of Dues:  Dues for the fall semester of $50 must be paid to the Board Treasurer, Greg Hirsh,  on or before September 6, 2022.  If you have not already purchased a performance shirt, you must order and pay for the price of the shirt on or before November 1, 2022, to assure its receipt before the January performance.  Immediate Past Board President Lyle Bradshaw has graciously offered to be in charge of the ordering and payment of shirts, and can help with sizing information.  Dues and shirt payments may be made by personal check presented to Greg Hirsch, or via the PayPal link on the Vox website.  When using the PayPal option on the website please be sure to indicate whether you’re paying dues for Fall only, Spring only, or Fall and Spring combined.  If you’re using the PayPal option to make a cash contribution, please indicate that the amount is for a general cash contribution.

Q: Do I need to prepare a song for the audition?

A:  Nope, nothing at all!  Just come ready to sing!

Q: What happens during the audition itself?

A: Vox’s Artistic Director, Jeremy Nabors, will hear each audition. You will not be asked to sing in front of the other auditionees. The audition will consist of few exercises, which assess your vocal range and ability. The whole audition takes only a few minutes and will be over before you know it.

Q: Where are the auditions held?

A: Yates Baptist Church in Durham (see below for address and a map)

Q: What should I wear to the audition?

A: Whatever makes you feel comfortable!

Q: What should I bring to the audition?

A: Just yourself!

Q: Is there an attendance requirement?

A: Members are asked to attend 75% of the weekly rehearsals.

Q: How old do I need to be to join?

A: All Vox members must be at least 18 years of age.

Q: Is there a dress code for performances?

A: YES! We feel that proper concert attire is an important part of our performance and how we are perceived. We ask, therefore, that members wear the following items: Dress black slacks, Vox performance shirt, dress black shoes.

Please note there is a one-time $35 fee for purchasing the shirt

Q: I still have more questions.

A: Definitely feel free to contact us with your inquiries at